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We strive to understand you as a person, in addition to your professional strengths and goals.

Our relationship will be based upon honest, open communication. We are committed to thorough follow-up with you through the interview and on-boarding process.

We don’t want you to find a job, we want to place you in a successful, rewarding career!

Interview tips and guidelines:

Knowing your audience: Be sure to research the company you are seeking employment with. Understanding the products and services the employer has to offer the marketplace is critical. While researching the client information online, consider how the skill set you have will best suit the company you are interviewing with.

  • Read carefully all of the requirements they are looking for and be prepared to align your strengths with the parameters of the position.
  • Be prepared for interactive questions and answer exchanges with your interviewer.
  • Take a trial run the day prior to interviewing to be sure you have planned your arrival time accordingly.
  • Be aware of company culture and dress code. Making a great first impression is critical.
  • Bring a file and have prepared questions to ask your interviewer about regarding the position and company policies.

Always arrive 10-15 minutes early. This will give you time to observe the office environment and review any materials you will need to make a great first impression!

Additional Interviewing tips in a time of video interviews:

  • Dress as though you are meeting for an in person interview.
  • Be sure to set up your lap top in a quiet, neutral area.
  • Test run your technology with a friend or with your recruiter prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Use non-verbal communication and be mindful of actively engaging your interviewer.
  • Have a list of questions about the team and company.

While working with a recruiter, many of these predetermining factors have been pre-screened to meet your employment needs, as well as the needs of the employer. Your recruitment professional will be a great resource of information to you in identifying strong employment matches based on your personnel file.

After exiting your interview, take some time to reflect and take down any notes regarding questions you need to readdress. Be sure to contact your recruiter upon completing the interview process. Clear communication is essential to working successfully through the interview process.

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